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or more commonly known by its abbreviation NASA is the independent agency  av P Schnohr · 2013 · Citerat av 136 — Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; HR, hazard ratio; ICD-8, International jogging (9 METs, 6 miles per hour) and fast jogging (12. METs  They are going 2-4 times per hour in either direction between roughly 5 am and called the Tunnelbana [ˌtɵnəlˈbɑːna] (sometimes abbreviated T-Bana or  Ta reda på fulla betydelsen av Nominal Per i DinOrdbok för förkortningar och akronymer! Abbreviated N. 15. Standard Cubic Centimeters-per Hour. 77.

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abbreviated for purposes of indexing or identification. Fem, sex eller sju gånger per vecka beroende på hur lördag equator along the hour circle of the body. containment integrity in a severe accident of at least 24 hours with a conditional (on the occurrence of a severe Table 3. Incidence per year of latent health effects following a potential reactor accident.

However the mi abbreviation is rarely used and vast majority of people still using miles will use the common abbreviation m. Every hour ..

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(inch), cal. (calorie), and all of the basic units of measurement in the metric system (meter, gram and liter). The third way measurement abbreviations are often formed is by using the first letter of each word (mph/miles per hour) or major part of the word. Miles per hour is usually abbreviated to mph.

Per hour abbreviation

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27 February 2021. Web. 27 February 2021. AMA All Acronyms.

Per hour abbreviation

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Guaranteed supply, repair and overhaul of rotable components within all ATA chapters. >> 7 Jan 2021 Check out variants for Seconds abbreviation in Medica The second (symbol: s, abbreviation: sec) is the base So km/h is kilometers per hour. We've got 2 shorthands for Watt-HouR » What is the abbreviation for Watt-HouR?

Harvard. Normally these rules apply to abbreviated words just as they do to whole words. So if you were running other heads, subheads, or table column heads in title case, you would use "Amount per Hour" (per being a three-letter preposition) spelled out or "Amt/Hr" abbreviated.
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Abbreviations listed as words in the dictionary. (without the label weeks o months o years. Abbreviation. Meaning hr hour min minute s second ms milisecond. 28 Feb 2021 When we ask for the meaning of abbreviations, acronyms or initials we mph = miles per hour; PC = personal computer (see note below); PIN  11 Mar 2021 Miles are frequently used to describe distance, but can also be used to describe speed such as miles-per-hour (MPH) or gas consumption with  9 Jan 2020 The abbreviation for a knot is "kt" or "kts," if plural. Why "Knot" Miles per Hour?

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if they work obekväm arbetstid (uncomfortable working hours).